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10 Best Places for Street Shopping in Udaipur

Shopping in udaipur

Summery: In this blog post you will come to know about the best places for street shopping in Udaipur.

When we are on vacations, shopping is the best thing to do. We can keep souvenirs of the destination with us. Shopping the traditional things of the place is much more fun. When we talked about this for Udaipur, it is one of the best for the shopaholics. It has many numbers of varieties as well as colors for the attraction of customers. Shopping in the streets of Udaipur is much more fun, and it means exploring it to the core and visiting the traditional lifestyle of localities.

Things to buy while shopping in Udaipur

Udaipur market is famous for its traditional lifestyle, its handicraft items ranging from oxidised silver and copper jewellery items, sculptures, pichwai & miniature paintings, minakari and gemstone items, etc. It is a good place for ones who are building or renovating their homes. They can buy antique wooden furniture, jharokhas, marble flooring, and paintings on semi-precious stone. The linen which is hand printed by workers is one of the favourite items of Udaipur.

List of best places for street shopping in Udaipur:

Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is one of the doting places of Udaipur city. It is good for shopping of gadgets, crockery, school uniforms, khadi and other clothing products. This is well known local market in Udaipur which is not only famous for its traditional Rajasthani variety rather it is famous for its street food too.

Famous: Bapu Bazaar is a large market with different shops of different variety of things. It is suitable for souvenir shopping, and you can enjoy the delicious street food of Udaipur in this market.

How to reach: this market is approximately 2 km away from Udaipur and situated at Bapu bazaar road.

Clock Tower

Clocktower is one of the renowned names for Street shopping of traditional Rajasthani jewellery and other accessories like bangles. You can get many shops selling latest designs, different variety of Lac bangles and jewellery made from kundan, polka and meenakari. You can also get a good variety of copper ware as well as earthen pots. You can buy best designs of copper-smiths. Moreover, Lac designers are also very enthusiast for making and selling their jewellery to the customer.

Famous: Here in clock tower market, you can buy best and latest designs of jewellery of gold, silver, and copper crafted with kundan and meenakari.

How to reach: You can quickly reach by taking local bus or auto, it is very near to city palace.

Lake Palace Road

It is one of the amazing places for roaming and observing the vibrant colors of Udaipur city. This is a place near to Lake Palace. You can buy wooden statues, and well famous hand embroidered textiles. The shops are aligned on the Lake Palace road on both the sides of the road. You can find many items from silver and Kundan jewellery to precious gems, from tie ‘n’ dye printed to handwoven items and much more.

Famous: The lake palace road market is one of a good places for shopping of wooden statues, printed and embroidered hand-woven textiles.

How to reach: it is situated near to the lake palace. You can reach there by auto-rickshaw or any public transport.


The Rajasthali is one of the shops owned by the government of Rajasthan. It offers the large variety of products ranging from semi-precious stones, mirrors and marbles craft, art and craft work done by brass or terracotta and many more fantastic artistic items. You can buy anything from everything as a souvenir from this shop. It has a wide variety of puppets, jewellery, footwear, idols, turbans, etc.

Famous: this shop is famous for its very unique Rajasthani turbans to give you the look of traditional Rajasthani. You can also buy the fantastic products including paintings, pottery, furniture, lac and silver jewellery, and textile items.

How to reach: this one of the places situated in the center of the city of Udaipur, You can reach it out very easily.

Chetak Circle

If you like street shopping then this is an exemplary place for you. This market is full of dancing puppets, handmade jewelry boxes, decorative brass wares, handicrafts and many colorful artworks made by local artisans. You can get the best piece of art at an affordable price in Chetak Circle.

Famous: Several decorative craftsmanship items for our homes like designer pens, pen stand, customary lanterns, elegant pottery, handmade papers and many more.

How to reach: It is an easily accessible place and only 3-4 km from Udaipur Railway station.

Hathipole Market

This market is an exciting and fun place for the fans of Rajasthani art and craft work. You can buy and choose from the large variety of folk art and handicrafts available at different shops in Hathipole market. The things are not very costly here, but the prices are little increased by the shop-keepers, you can enjoy bargaining with them and get your chosen article at competitive prices.

Famous: the popular sold articles of Hathipole market are wooden artwork and handicraft, pichwai and phad paintings, Nagra slippers made from camel skin.

How to reach: we can easily approach hathipole market which is situated adjacent to City Palace. It is on walking distance from City Palace.


As the name says itself, mochiwada is famous for the handmade and hand embroidered shoes, also known as juttis. These juttis are popular as the traditional footwears of Rajasthanis and it can be a souvenir. You can buy this juttis in any color and contrast matching with your favorite dress.

Famous: it is famous for souvenir shopping related to traditional Rajasthani handmade juttis. This market is exclusively dedicated to selling footwear.

How to reach: this is situated in the bada bazaar. You can easily reach there from bada bazaar.

Lakhara Chowk

Lakhara chowk is one of the famous destinations for lakh made bangles. This market is exclusively dedicated to the bangles and other accessories made from lakh. You can buy bangles, accessories, cosmetics, artificial jewelry, and items for personal use. It has a large variety of bangles which you can select and match with your favorite dress as well.

Famous: this market is famous for the lakh bangles and artificial jewellery. There are many numbers of shops lined up on both the side of narrow roads of center Udaipur.

How to reach: you can reach there by walk or by two-wheeler as it is situated in the narrow streets of the center of city Udaipur.

Bada Bazaar

This market has a lot number of shops, showrooms and much more. It is one of the main markets of Udaipur city. You can see much crowd in this market, but you can get all the souvenirs of your trip from this single place.

Famous: This market has different shops, showrooms, and exhibitions of many different things including bandej and bandhani sarees, traditional Rajasthani jewellery made up of silver and camel bone, etc.

How to reach: It is within the radius of 1 km from the city palace Udaipur, it is an integral part of the trip and very tough if you miss visiting this market.


Shilpgram is one of its kinds of fest which is famous for its artwork and handicraft items. It is the place for those who love artwork like paintings and pottery with the touch of Rajasthani traditional culture and handicraft items include clothes and accessories based on Rajasthani culture.

Famous: The handicraft and artwork items which include clothes and accessories related to Rajasthani culture.

How to reach: It is near Havala village which is 3 km far from Udaipur city in the west.

So, its time to share your thoughts and feedback about this article which covered all the well-know destination for street shopping in Udaipur.


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