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City Palace Udaipur – Explore the Royal Landmark of Udaipur

City palace of Udaipur
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General information
Architectural style Rajput Architecture
Town or city Udaipur
Country India
Coordinates 24.576°N 73.683°E
Construction started 1559
Completed 16th century
Owner Maharana Mahendra Singh Mewar
Technical details
Structural system Marble and masonry


The city palace of Udaipur is the most wonderful place to experience the royalty of India. It is one of the most beautiful and historical buildings of India. The palace is situated in the heart of Udaipur city. It was the capital of Mewar dynasty in the ruling period of Maharana Udai Singh II. He built this palace to protect his family and people from the attacks of Akbar. He considers it as the safer place to be the capital of his dynasty. Before Udaipur, the capital of Mewar dynasty was Chittorgarh.

The city palace in Udaipur has beautiful architecture as well as it is situated near to the Pichola Lake and the Aravalli mountains which enhance its beauty and attraction to the tourists. It is being made up of marble stones and granite. There are many numbers of sculptures and structures which are made up of mirror works, marble works murals, wall paintings, silver works, etc.

History of City Palace Udaipur

Well, there are many kingdoms in Rajputana i.e. modern day Rajasthan known for their bravery and sacrifices for the country. They were the savior of our country in case of attack from the eastern side by Mughals and Afghan forces. They always stood like a rock when enemies entered our country. There were many Rajput kings but the name of the Sisodia dynasty and the kingdom of Mewar always comes ahead among all. They are forever known for their courage, velour and never give up attitude. The Kings like Rana Sanga, Maharana Partap never bow or sign treaties with external forces of enemies. They fought till their last breath and were the bravest kings of India. The names of rulers of Mewar Kingdom are always taken with great honor and respect.

  • The first capital of the Mewar dynasty was Nagda, approx. 30 kilometers away from Udaipur. It was built in 568 A.D. by the first maharana of Mewar named as Guhil.
  • After Maharaja Guhil, Bappa Rawal plays a key role and known as the founder of Mewar State. He extended the kingdom by defeating kings of Maurya dynasty from Chittor. The title of ‘Rawal’ was given to him.
  • In the 8th century, the capital of the Mewar dynasty shifted to Chittoor from Nagda. The Chittorgarh fort had beautifully built with mesmerizing architecture which was situated on the hilltop.
  • Another great fort and UNESCO World Heritage Site built by great Rana Kumbha of Mewar dynasty is Kumbhalgarh Fort. It was made in 15th Century and the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the great king of Mewar.
  • The Mewar dynasty ruled for some 800 years from Chittorgarh. And planned to shift to Udaipur due to some security reasons.
  • The construction of city Palace of Udaipur was started in 1553 by Maharana Uday Singh II and subsequently built by his successors later on.
  • The City Palace Udaipur is a magnificent and wonderful structure that shows different architectural styles of Medieval, European and Chinese culture.
  • It is one of the largest palaces in Rajasthan that stood on the banks of Lake Pichola.
  • This palace is really a treat to your eyes and the largest tourist attraction of Udaipur.
  • The city palace was wholly made of the supreme quality of marble and granite that consists of courtyards, terraces, rooms, corridors, pavilions, fountains and gardens.

Properties present in the City Palace Premises

The City palace encompasses 11 exquisite properties. The various properties present in City Palace Udaipur which are part of the royal city palace are: –

  1. Amar Vilas: Each and every part of the palace has a special attraction and known for its name. Amar Vilas is an elevated part of the palace that consists of hanging gardens, fountains, terraces and towers. You can take an awe-inspiring view of the lake from the balconies of Amar Vilas.
  2. Manak Mahal(Ruby Palace) is another place with spectacular artwork made of several colored glasses and crystals. The glasses are costly and the doors are made of ivory. The room can be viewed from outside as the entry here is restricted due to security reasons.
  3. Sheesh Mahal is another splendid piece of royal artwork and the beauty of this place take you to another world. Sheesh Mahal is made of various pieces of costly mirrors that was built in the reign of Maharana Pratap as a lover for her wife Ajabde.
  4. Bada Mahal: It is a great palace that is situated on a rock at a height of 89 feet and the highest palace among all buildings of City Palace. Earlier the kings use to play a Holy festival here due to the presence of a swimming pool at this place. The place consists of several unique paintings all over.
  5. Dilkhusha Mahal: This palace was made in 1620 for having fun i.e. why it is called the Palace of Joy.
  6. Fatehprakash Palace: This is a lavish palace that was earlier used by the kings for leisure time is now becoming a Luxury hotel. The palace consists of Costly furniture made of crystal and a carpet made of jewels.
  7. Krishna Vilas: Krishna Vilas is a place full of artworks and splendid paintings made by renowned painters of that time. This is a must place to visit.
  8. Durbar Hall: Durbar Hall was used by the Queens to look at the Durbar Proceedings and were used by the Royal people for meetings. Here you can look out various weapons used by Kings as displayed here.
  9. Laxmi Vilas Chowk: This place is a gallery of artwork by local artisans of Mewar.
  10. Museum: A part of the City Palace is converted into a museum that shows various artworks like pictures, paintings, and other royal antique things. There is an armor museum that shows a huge assembly of various weapons used by Sisodia Rajputs like swords, guns and other protective gears. Here you have a chance to see the sword, spear, patta and chain-mail Armour of The Great Maharana Pratap.
  11. Mor Chowk or Peacock Square: Another interesting place in City palace is Mor Chowk or Peacock square. Here you find three peacocks made of 5000 pieces of small glasses in green, blue and golden colors.
  12. Chini Chitrashala: you can find different types of Chinese artworks and ornament tiles made by Dutch people.
  13. Rang Bhawan palace: You can find temples of Lord Krishna, Shiva, and Meera Bai. The palace was used by the kings to hold the royal treasure.
  14. Jagdish Temple: One of the biggest and the most beautiful temple inside the palace is the Jagdish Temple. Here you can find one more temple of Dhuni Mata inside the palace.
  15. Pols: There are many doors to enter the Palace. These doors are known as “Pols”. These pols are ‘Bara Pol’, ‘Hathi Pol’ and ‘Tripolia’ i.e. a triple arched gate.

Some Amazing Facts About City Palace of Udaipur

  • There is a sculpture of Lord Ganesha made up of marble inside the city palace very near to the entrance gate.
  • There was a history of elephant fights and you can see the paintings on the wall as proof.

Things to Carry while visiting

  • A camera of good quality is one of the topmost things to carry while visiting City Palace. But there are nominal charges for it.
  • You must carry water and food with you as it may require a half to properly explore the whole palace.

City palace Udaipur timings

  • 7.00 am to 11.00 PM

The Mewar Sound and Light Show is also organized during evening at the Manek Chowk.

City palace Udaipur entry fees

  • Entrance Ticket Adult (to Get Entry in Permitted Areas Only)- Rs.30
  • Entrance Ticket Children (to Get Entry in Permitted Areas Only)- Rs.15

How to reach city palace Udaipur

You can easily reach there by any means of transport. Buses, trains, and flights are easily available to Udaipur. The airport is some 24km away.

Nearby Places of Interest

  • As told you earlier that it is situated near Pichola Lake. It is one of the top places to visit nearby the city palace.
  • Saheliyo ki bari situated nearly 3.5 km from city palace, is one of the attraction to tourists.
  • Sajjan Garh Palace situated nearly 7 km from city palace, is one of the most beautiful hilltop residences.
  • For street Shopping in Udaipur


  1. Udaipur the city of lakes, is known as the Venice of the east, City Palace Udaipur is one of the architectural marvels of Rajasthan! The grand City Palace on the banks of Pichola Lake is the finest example of architectural and cultural explosion under the rule of Rajput rulers.
    If you have come to Udaipur once must visit City Palace.


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